WaterWarden Inground Pool Net

WaterWarden Inground Swimming Pool Safety Net Review

Having a swimming pool is great. When kids play unsupervised, they can be extremely dangerous. CDC data indicates drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children between 1 and 4 years of age. 

A lot of life can be saved by the precautions and safety measures surrounding a pool.

With the right safety nets, you can reduce the risk of drowning in an inground pool at home.

Installing a safety net is a good idea for many reasons. You can feel safe knowing that all your children, guests, or even animals are safe on your property. When children are around, this is especially important.

To make the search easier, we have reviewed an Inground Pool Net from WaterWarden, constructed with 100% polyethylene nets that provide long-lasting durability.

WaterWarden Inground Swimming Pool Safety Net Review

Despite being extremely lightweight and durable, this pool safety net system is ideal for homeowners with a smaller deck. 

You can install it almost anywhere there is a pool. Safety Net reels reduce the risk of deterioration caused by water. 

Designed with the latest advancements in swimming pool safety, WaterWarden products are always at the cutting-edge of pool safety. 

Inground Pool Net Review

ASTM Compliant

The safety net from WaterWarden is ASTM F1346-91 compliant.

This compliancy was developed by ASTM International to reduce the risk of child drownings. As well as being referenced nationally by day-care, adoption and fostering agencies, this code is used in many States and Cities as their pool barrier code.

Efficient Design

100% polyethylene material makes this safety net material resistant to chlorine. 

The UV inhibitors in each net protect the net from sun damage. Corrosion and rust won’t occur with stainless steel clips. 

Maximum Security

WaterWarden safety nets are available in a variety of rectangular and round sizes to protect children and pets from being exposed to swimming pools.

Safety nets from WaterWarden are extremely well-designed.

Simple Installation

Pool net covers are custom-made for specific pool sizes and shapes and are ready to attach.

Install the anchors and trim the edges to fit the shape of the pool. Most homeowners will be able to perform this task.

Flexible Use

It’s a great option for homeowners with tight deck spaces. 

With features such as extremely lightweight, durability, and ease of installation, it is a pool safety net that can be fitted to most pools.

Comprises all Hardware

You can order your pool safety net according to the size and shape of your pool, and all binding and hardware are provided. 

Each pool protection net purchase includes all materials, and a quick roll reel so you can store the net easily. 

As well as the stainless-steel clips being corrosion-resistant, the storage reel included is also waterproof.

Consult your local governing agencies in order to learn about the safety and building codes in your region.

WaterWarden Inground Swimming Pool Safety Net


  • Strong Net
  • Cost-effective


  • Installing is a little difficult
  • Hooks don’t hold
  • Videos or instructions are not available


Excellent net, but it is difficult to install

It’s a great safety net, but a little challenging to install. For the hooks to stay in the ground, they need to be bent slightly more. As tension keeps the hooks in place, the net needs to be tight. 

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What is the weight capacity of the WaterWarden safety net?

Each square inch is capable of withstanding 400lb of force.

Can you install a WaterWarden net over existing anchors?

In order for this net to function as a safety net, anchors need to be placed every couple of feet or more. Without it, the safety net will sag into the water and any small children or pets will be at risk of drowning. 

As a result, it’s likely that you’ll need to add more anchors, you can modify existing anchors.

Is this suitable for angles in pools, such as a non-rectangular or non-round pool?

When you install the net, it would be customized to fit your needs. 

What if I have an irregular-shaped pool?

In short, YES. 

The material can be cut and still be used for its intended purpose, but be aware that it will not hold the same strength as the outer edge.

Due to its thickness, cutting the outer rope might weaken it, but each square has its own knot, so cutting it won’t affect its shape. 

WaterWarden Inground Pool Net

Do everything in your power to ensure that swimming and enjoying the summer are positive experiences. 

If you want to prevent children from accessing your home pool without your permission, you should definitely install a fence, a safety cover, or a net. 

The best way to prevent accidents around the pool is to keep your children alert and aware even if they can swim.

What safety measures do you put in place around your pool to make sure your children are safe? Comment below and let us know!

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