Top 5 Miter Saw Blades

Saw blades are tools with hard toothed edge mainly used for cutting through woods or wood composites and sometimes metals or stones. The number of teeth on the blade determines the speed and finish of the cut. Blades with fewer teeth cut faster while those with more teeth give a finer finish. The number of teeth of the blade differs based on the usage. For example, 40 teeth to 80 teeth blade are enough for cutting plywood.  You must also be careful about when to sharpen the saw blade.

We are here for the detailed review of the top 5 Miter Saw Blades.

1. DEWALT 12 Inch Miter Saw Blade


  • Tooth – The DEWALT Miter Saw blade consists of 80 tooth 12 inches blades.
  • Made of – The blades are made of Tungsten Carbide. The advantage is that the tungsten carbide stays sharper longer.
  • Item Weight – The Saw Blades weigh about 1.2 kilograms.
  • Quantity – The Pack consists of 2 Miter Saw Blades.
  • One blade with 80 teeth.
  • One blade with 32 teeth.


The product comes with a carrying bag so as to ensure easy portability and storage.

Anti-kick Back Shoulder

This feature helps to prevent binding.

Thin Kerf Saw Blade

Thin Kerf Saw Blade means a Saw Blade made of Carbide. This thin kerf is responsible for fast and smooth cutting action.

Suitable for

The DEWALT Miter Saw blade is suitable for cutting hardwood, softwood, plywood and chipboard.


This 12 inch tooth Saw Blades comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Crosscutting, Tungsten Carbide, 80-Tooth, 2-Pack (DW3128P5)

How to change the blade on DEWALT 12 Inches Miter Saw blade?

The main tool required for this process is Blade Wrench, Safety Gloves and Glasses for Eye Protection.

  • Install the blade on your saw.
  • Remove the bracket screw that holds the blade guard, the part that covers the top of the blade and the blade arm together.
  • Remember to hold the Spindle Lock Button while unscrewing the blade screw.
  • The remove the old blade from the saw and install the new blade.

What we SPIED: 12-inch Miter Saw Blade


  • Accurate cuts
  • Durability
  • Blades are sharper for longer period
  • Quick and smooth finish


  • Sounds and vibrate like chainsaw

2. Freud D1296N Diablo 12 inches 96 teeth Non-ferrous Miter Saw Blade

The Freud D1296N Diablo 12 inches 96 teeth Non-ferrous Miter Saw Blade comes with Super-Density Micro-Grain Carbide, Triple Chip Grind (TCG) Tooth Design, Laser Cut Stabilizer and Metal Shock Resistant Brazing.

Super-Density Micro-Grain Carbide

These carbide made blades resist force, reduce wear and tear and lasts longer than standard carbide.

Triple Chip Grind (TCG) Tooth Design

This feature provides clean and perfect finish ensuring elimination of rework.

Laser Cut Stabilizer

The laser cut stabilizer traps noise and vibration making the saw blades comfortable to use.

Metal Shock Resistant Brazing

Metal Shock Resistant Brazing allows the blades to cut through materials ensuring maximum durability.

Freud D1296N Diablo 12" 96 Tooth TCG Non-Ferrous Miter Saw Blade 1" Arbor


  • Compatible for

This Freud D1296N Miter Saw Blade is suitable for materials like Aluminum, Bras, Metal and Copper.

  • Item Weight

The product weighs about 2.6 pounds.

  • Dimension

The dimension (L*W*H) in inches – 15.2 * 13.2 * 0.3

  • Advantageous features
    • Laser Cut Stabilizer
    • Super-Density Micro-Grain Carbide
    • Triple Chip Grind (TCG) Tooth Design
    • Metal Shock Resistant Brazing

What we SPIED: Freud D1296N Miter Saw Blade


  • Light Weight
  • Accurate Cuts
  • Sharper blades in long run
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Suitable for Aluminum


  • Not suitable for steel

3. Makita 12*1 inches 100T Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade

People prefer Miter Saw as it has an advantage that the blade can be rotated to varying angles allowing the users to make quick angled cuts. The added advantage is that the cuts made by Miter Saw are smooth and fine.

Product Information

Item weight 1 Pound
Product Dimension 0.63 * 0.55 * 0.08 Inches
Model Number A – 93734
Material made of Carbide
Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year



  • Alternate Top and Alternate Face (ATAF) Tooth Design.

This feature makes the Makita 12*1 inches 100T Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade advantageous as it assures ultra precision cutting.

  • Japanese Ultra-thin Kerf Carbide tipped Design.

This design provides smoother cut ensuring minimal material loss.

  • Fully hardened and hand tensioned Steel Saw Plates.
  • Micro-grain Carbide teeth honed with up to 600 grit assures mirror finish.
  • Ideal for hardwood.

What we SPIED: Makita 12 inch Miter Saw Blade


  • Accurate cuts
  • Cuts precisely
  • Smooth and fine finish


  • Longevity of sharpness isn’t as expected

4. DEWALT 10 Inch Miter / Table Saw Blade

The table saw blades are good at cutting larger and longer pieces of material while miter saw blades are good at cutting at angles. This DEWALT 10 Inch Miter / Table Saw Blade are good at both.


  • Micro-grain Carbide

The Micro-grain Carbide produces sharp cutting edges.

  • Laser cut body is responsible for accurate cuts
  • Dampening Slots

The exclusive dampening slots reduce vibration thereby enhancing the accuracy of the cuts.

  • Tough coat finish

The tough coat finish reduces heat and friction thereby increasing blade life.

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter / Table Saw Blade, Fine Crosscutting, 80-Tooth (DW3219PT)


  • Material – Carbide
  • Dimension – 13.3 * 11.55 * 0.24 Inches
  • Number of teeth – 80
  • Weight – 0.76 kilograms

What we SPIED: Dewalt 10-inch 80 Tooth Saw Blade


  • Accurate cuts
  • Longevity
  • Low vibration


  • Expensive

5. FS Tool LM6300 Miter Joint Saw Blade 12 Inch * 100T, 1 Inch Bore


  • Copper Plugs

The copper plugs reduce vibration and noise.

  • Polished Plate

Without coating, the polished plate resists resin build up.

  • Perfect Cut

The 12 Inch Saw Blade gives a perfect, smooth and accurate finish.

FS Tool LM6300 Miter Joint Saw Blade 12 Inch X 100T, 1 inch Bore


Item weight 3 Pounds
Dimension 14 * 14 * 2 Inches
Suitable for Soft and Hardwoods, Painted moldings, gesso and other high gloss and pre-finished picture frames and furniture

What we SPIED: FS Tool LM6300 Miter Joint Saw Blade


  • Accurate cuts
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Value for money


  • None 🙂

Final Words

The above mentioned Miter Saw Blades are the top 5 Best Selling Products. We have given the detailed description of each product as much as possible. You must read the description before purchase and is advisable to select the products clearly on the basis of your need and usage.

Do leave your comment regarding how helpful this review is.

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