haag shingle gauge review

Shingle Gauge [Haag 4/09 and Haag 1/12] Review

The Shingle Gauge™ is a one-of-a-kind product that was created by Haag Engineering after extensive research and testing. Shingle Gauge was developed in 1993 and was redesigned and redesigned again in 2004 and 2006.

Shingle Gauge™ was tested and recalibrated once again in 2012 to ensure that it conforms to the most recent warranties offered by shingle manufacturers.

Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge

Residential roofing inspection professionals and insurance adjusters use the Haag Shingle Gauge to estimate the approximate warranty period of 3-tab organic shingles, 3-tab fiberglass shingles, or laminated asphalt composition shingles.

By measuring and comparing this measurement with the corresponding scale, the manufacturer can determine the warranty level of a shingle as well as what a comparable replacement should be.

Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge

How to use Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge?

  • The gauge should have a space to locate the appropriate type of shingle (3-tab asphalt fiberglass or 3-tab organic). Measure the distance between those two points.
  • Place the gauge on the head end of the tab and gently lift a shingle tab.
  • You should take your reading whenever you feel any resistance.
  • Gray bars indicate the warranty level of the shingles based on the shingle depth and the slot of the shingle gauge.

The gauge does not include organic laminated shingles as only small percentages are made of this material. As well, composition shingles created from polymer-modified asphalt are not rated by the Shingle Gauge. Modified asphalt can change the thickness of shingles by adding plastic or rubber. The rubbery or springy feel of a modified asphalt shingle can be identified.

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Haag 1/12 Shingle Gauge

Using this Haag “01/12” Shingle Gauge™, one can determine the warranty level for fiberglass asphalt 3-Tab shingles based on thickness. In calculating the cost of comparable replacement shingles, the length of the warranty can be an important factor. We still consider the Shingle Gauge to be an estimating tool since there are a few shingles that do not conform to the gauge, despite its design being as precise as possible.

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How to use Haag 1/12 Shingle Gauge?

Want to know how to use a shingle gauge, check the below:

  • Ensure that the only shingle you are measuring is a 3-tab fiberglass asphalt shingle
  • One tab of the shingle should be lifted gently, and the gauge should then be slid on to the tab.
  • You should take your reading whenever you feel any resistance.

In addition to being very popular, shingle gauges and gage are useful to adjusters and roofers. If you’re looking for where to buy a haag shingle gauge, then no need to go anywhere and just click the below button:

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