Top 5 DA Sander for Auto Body Work

How to use a DA Sander for Auto Body Work?

A DA Sander is a type of sander. It’s called Dual Action because the pad spins in addition to going in circles which is probably not clear unless you see one. The two-directional sanding does not leave swirl marks on surfaces as would a standard rotary sander.

For any kind of handymanship, DA Sanders are essential. But once you narrow it down to auto body works, options may be somewhat fewer. First of all, you’re dealing with metal surfaces. Second, car bodies require different roughness and rustiness than wood, tiles, etc.

For all those reasons, it’s wise to select a DA sander for auto body work, which is also a dual action sander. As we continue scrolling below, we showcase some of the top DA sanders in the market that are great for car bodies.

Reviews of the Best Electric DA Sander for Auto Body Work [Top 5]

1. Ingersoll Rand 311A 6-Inch Heavy-Duty Air Dual-Action Quiet Sander

Ingersoll Rand 311A 6-Inch Heavy-Duty Air Dual-Action Quiet Sander

The Ingersoll Rand 311A is the master of all sanders for sanding vehicle surfaces. This budget fits into the sweet spot of the mid-tier category and offers a lot of options. Unlike other sanders in the market, the Ingersoll Rand 311A uses compressed air to run. Interestingly, the suction pressure is 90 psi and the speed is 17 CFM, much higher than the typical scale of 10-12 CFM.

Hence, more power should result in a much faster and more powerful sanding process. In addition, the sanding pad can reach a maximum of 6 inches in diameter while being driven at a maximum speed of 1200 CFM.

This design uses ball bearing mechanisms, which make it paint-ready while dealing with rusty, tough metal surfaces. There is an adjustable regulator for it, should you want to change the RPM.

Most auto mechanics, especially those working in semi-professional capacity, often worry about the vibration and noise generated by sanders like this. However, there is a silent muffler that eliminates much of this noise and makes it possible to utilize your equipment as quietly as possible.

Furthermore, less vibration means better control and contact during sanding. Apart from all these positive qualities, we had expected the box to include some sandpapers with different grit levels. Unfortunately, you will need to spend more for that.

Overall, we feel that the Ingersoll Rand 311A is a great value for the money and a complete package.

Features of Ingersoll Rand 311A Air DA Quiet Sander

  • The rough sanding roller is constructed with a solid ball bearing.
  • A 17 CFM compressor sucking compressed air.
  • With integrated speed regulator, speed can be increased to 1200 RPM.
  • Built-in muffles ensure silent operation.
  • This price point is a good compromise between low and high.

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2. FIXKIT 6″ Air Random Orbital Sander

FIXKIT 6" Air Random Orbital Sander (Air sander) Pneumatic Sander with Hose and Bag for Car 6 Inches, Polishing Grinding Sanding for Car, Metal,Wood

Please allow me to thank FixKit, the brand, before we go any further.

Want to know why? In fact, the air-based sander we are about to talk about is by far the most price-effective model you can find that doesn’t compromise with any quality. It’s actually better than the double-priced ones.

Soon you will find out more about it. So keep reading!

Firstly, it can sand to a speed of 10,000 RPMs with compressed air at 90psi. This product is suitable for semi-professional use.

FIXKIT Air Random Orbital Sander’s structure is made up of aluminum alloy and plastic. As a default, the sanding pad is 6″, and no other sizes are available. There are also seven pieces of sandpaper with 240# grit included.

In addition to that, a quick connector, a wrench, a hose for dust connection, and an accessory bag would also be included. The final two items relate to vacuum cleaning, which helps keep you away from dust clouds.

Next, let’s discuss the cons.

The first issue would be 100dB (or more) of noise generated by this. With so much noise in a confined garage, you’d be troubled. Sadly, it does not include a 5-inch sander version, which is unlikely.

The rest of it was okay. In terms of price, it’s a great budget sander for auto body work.

Features of FIXKIT 6″ Air Random Orbital Sander

  • Sander rotation of up to 10,000 RPM.
  • At 90 psi pressure, it sucks at 350 liters per minute.
  • By using the built-in regulator, the speed can be controlled.
  • A dual-suction vacuum cleaner is provided.
  • This sander comes with 6″ diameter and 7 pieces 240# sandpapers.
  • This is the best budget DA sander for auto body work.

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3. Valianto 5” Air Random Orbital Palm Sander

Valianto 5'' Air Random Orbital Palm Sander, Dual Action Pneumatic Sander with Speed Regulation

Continuing on, here’s another best electric DA sander from Valianto Air. You may think that is just a fancy adjective, but hang on until we explain how it works.

This sander uses two oval patterns that overlap each other to move the abrasive disc and disc pad. Therefore, no abrasive particle will follow the same pattern. Your automotive body will only have a smooth, and ready to paint, surface finish. Other than the dual-action pattern, this sander does not include a vacuum system. Hence, dust will not be an issue during the sanding process.

In addition to the electric power, you’ll need an air compressor that can deliver 90psi compressed air at a rate of 4CFM. This might sound like an additional cost, but if your garage has a compressor, it can work out.

To handle wide and narrow surface areas of the body, the sanding pads come in sizes of 5″ and 6″. In addition, a wrench and a quick connector are included in the box.

With an air compressor required, you can hardly take it anywhere. And this is the only one drawback about the product, which we found to be minor.

Features of Valianto Air Random Orbital Dual Action Palm Sander

  • Smoother sanding with double rotation polish.
  • This sanding pad comes with a 5″ and 6″ pad.
  • Vibration is reduced and it’s lightweight.
  • Suitable for wooden surfaces as well.
  • A speed of 4CFM is required with 90PSI compression.
  • It’s fairly budget-friendly.

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4. Professional Air Random Orbital Palm Sander

Professional Air Random Orbital Palm Sander, Dual Action Pneumatic Sander, Low Vibration, Heavy Duty

Even auto mechanics will agree that sanders made for wood will barely do the job on metal. This is why we have reviewed an air-based sander that is designed for metal sanding. The machine is called the Professional Air Random Dual Action Pneumatic Sander.

In order to explain how this product generates 2X more power than our previous products, let me explain that the high power comes from the 90PSI compressed air it sucks at a speed of 10.5CFM.

Additionally, the rotational speed reaches 12,000 RPM, which is unbeatable for any sander. So, no matter what the condition of your automotive metal surface is, this sander will take care of it well, including rust, spots, damage, and even dents.

A heat-resistant steel construction ensures the sander has a longer lifespan. Despite this, the weight of the overall product has been kept low. In order to enhance your grip on it, there are additional handles and wrist supports.

Apart from all this good, there had been some allegations about the metal fittings that were used in the aluminum enclosures. However, we believe that is a very rare occurrence.

Features of Professional Air Random Dual Action Pneumatic Sander

  • With a high RPM speed of 12,000, this motor is highly powerful.
  • The compressor draws 90 PSI at 10.5CFM.
  • Designed for sanding metal surfaces with roughness.
  • Sanding pad with 5″ and 6″ diameters.
  • Low-cost and lightweight.
  • Provides wrist and hand support.

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5. Goplus Random Orbital Polisher Electrical Sander

Goplus Random Orbital Polisher Electrical Sander Variable Speed Dual-Action Grinder Buffer Kit For Auto Detail (6 inch)

The Goplus 6″ sander is what experts call a perfect sander for those who sand at intermediate levels. Years-old rusty surfaces won’t respond well to this treatment. But if you’re simply making a metal surface ready for paint, this is the sander for you.

Speed is controlled by a variable ranging from 2000 RPM to 6400 RPM. There are six speeds for the sander disc in the range. This motor has a power of 900W, which is sufficient for most of the paint removal from automobiles. Our pick includes a 6″ sanding pad. However, if you wish, you can get a 5″ pad that has the same power.

Apart from metal, it also works well on wood, tiles, and ceramic tiles. The 6 inches sander from Goplus is a good option if you’re interested in paint correction. However, don’t expect the sander to perform tough sanding tasks.

Features of Goplus 6″ Random Orbital Polisher Electrical Sander

  • Controllable speed range of 2000-6400 RPM.
  • The sanding pad is thick and spongey.
  • Handle with a D-type that is easy to use.
  • In operation, very stable.
  • There is a choice of 5 or 6 inch pads.

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How to Buy the Best Da Sander for Auto Body Work

You’re surely looking forward to purchasing one of these auto body polishing tools now that you’ve gone through our guide to the best DA Sanders for Auto Body Works. We’d love you to read the following buying guide before you get started –

Choosing the Right Size

The size of the sanding pad is the most important factor. Depending on the width of the surface and the speed that you want the work to be completed, the size selection will be made.

In the case of a curvy car surface that must be sanded, it’s best to use a smaller size, like 2 or 3″. In all other cases, you can get away with 5 to 6 inches of electric DA sanders.

Comfortable Handling

The next thing you’d want is your Automotive DA Sander to be easy to control and comfortable. This means you have to have good control over the sander.

The grip on handles is often good and offers clear contact even when the hand is sweaty. You can go even further by choosing palm sanders without any handles at all.

A No-Load Speed

Sanding pads are measured by RPMs which dictate how fast they will rotate. There is usually a difference between 12,000 RPM in the higher end and 2000to 2500 RPM in the lower end. Everything in between has a specific purpose.

When you are sanding rough or rusted surfaces, choose sanders with higher RPMs. Other than that, if it is gentle prepping for painting or similar, lower RPM should work.

Considering the Weight and Footprint

In order to sand a smooth surface, you will need both of these because a heavy sander won’t do the job. When using a sander that has a rather large size, you won’t be able to reach every place where you need to sand.

It’s okay to weigh anything between 2 and 4 pounds. Likewise, how big a footprint you will leave will depend on how challenging surfaces you want to sand.


What grit sandpaper should I use to sand a car?

The finer the grit, the better it works on metal surfaces, usually between #200 and #1000. Low grits may even be preferred for smoothening.

Is an orbital sander the same as a DA sander?

No, the DA sanders are more powerful than orbital sanders and offer finer sanding and faster sanding times.

How much CFM does a DA sander use?

Depending on the power output needed, a sander can go up to 15 CFM, and the minimum is 4CFM.

Can you sand a car with an electric sander?

Yes, for the auto body, however, you cannot use an electric sander too far since the sander is powered by a wall outlet.

Can you use a wood sander on a car?

The wood sander can be used for smoothing down wood, polishing, and preparing paint.

Bottom Line

That’s all we discussed today. The discussion has served its purpose, we believe, if you have found the best DA sander for auto body work needs. I appreciate your time and your happiness!

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