How to Thin Nail Polish

Nail polish that is too old becomes thick, clumpy, and hard to apply. The worst thing is reaching for your favorite bottle and discovering it has turned into a thick and nasty mess almost overnight.

There is a simple solution to this problem, however. We can rejuvenate your old nail polish so it looks as good as new. We promise you won’t regret it!

It’s your nail polish day and you are all set to apply your favorite to dazzle and sparkle. But what if your favorite nail polish has turned sticky and sloppy? Luckily, you can make it work just like before, by following the below simple steps.

Nail Thinner

  • Add three to four drops of thinner to the nail polish.
  • Once you are done adding the thinner, it’s time to mix it. Instead of shaking the bottle, keep in mind to roll it in-between your palms. This will help the thinner and nail polish to mix evenly and nicely. Shaking the bottle creates air bubbles, and will fail to mix properly.
  • Roll the nail polish bottle for at least one minute and then open it to see whether the nail polish has thinned. If it is still thick, then repeat the process from step one.
  • If rolling the bottle has not proven effective, then you can just let the thinner sit in the bottle for an hour. Then roll the nail polish between the palms and witness its positive result.

If you are wondering how nail polish thinner will work, then know that it is modeled to thin the nail polish consistency. The problem with nail polish is it becomes thick, no matter how protective and safe we keep them. This is where nail polish thinner comes to the rescue to even its consistency.

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You can also try using acetone to thin the nail polish. However, nail artists do not recommend acetone for thinning, as it will shorten the nail polish’s lifespan.

  • While using acetone, make sure it is pure and not any mixed ones. Be very careful and use only one drop in the nail polish.
  • Now shake the bottle nicely and open it to see whether it has worked.
  • If it is still thick, add another drop. Always add one drop at a time, as you surely would not like to spoil your favorite one, as it will get too watery and runny. Sadly, if it becomes too watery, then you will have to wait at least for a day, leaving it open to let the air do the thickening process. So be careful and patiently add one drop at a time until you get the desired consistency.

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Hot Water

The hot water method is proved to be the simplest and easiest one but is also the least effective one. If you do not have acetone and thinner readily available, you can give the hot water technique a go.

  • Take a bowl of hot water. Make sure it is hot and not warm or boiling.
  • Close the lid tightly and place the bottle in the water for at least five minutes.
  • Placing the bottle in boiling water will crack or break the glass of the nail polish.
  • Again, instead of shaking the bottle, roll in between your palms for better and effective results. Handle the bottle with caution as it will be hot.
  • If it has the same consistency, then repeat the process for few more times, making sure every time, the bottle is immersed in hot water.

Mix the Polish

This method is applicable and works only if your nail polish has thickened just a little bit.

Close the bottle tightly, and turn it upside down. Then roll the bottle for a few minutes, as this will warm the polish thereby thinning it.

Never shake the bottle as it creates air bubbles inside it. This will cause the polish to chip out quickly. Also, instead of thinning, it will become thick.

Thinning Gel Nail Polish

If your gel nail polish has thickened, then you cannot use the above methods for thinning. It requires special thinners that are specially designed for them. Using the regular thinners to your gel nail polish will cause it to not work properly.

  • Buy only the gel nail polish thinner and add one drop at a time.
  • Roll the bottle nicely and see the result.
  • If it is still thick, continue the process. However, keep in mind that you must add only one drop at a time, then roll and see the consistency.
  • Repeat the process until you get the desired consistency.

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How to Store Nail Polish?

You can save yourself from the above pain by simply taking care of the nail polish in the right way. The below handy tips will save you from future troubles.

how-to-store-nail polish

  • Store in a cool and dry place – This is the most important tip that you must always remember. Keep it away from sunlight for it is its biggest enemy. Many formulas are flammable if exposed to sunlight. Store in a constant temperature room which is dry and cool. If you are thinking to store it in a refrigerator, then do not even think of it, unless you are living in a humid and warm climatic place.
  • Seal the bottle tightly – This may seem too obvious, but it is also a common mistake. If you do not want your polish to dry out fast, then double-check for its tightly sealed cap.
  • Do not store in the bathroom as well, because the temperature changes constantly and has a humid atmosphere.
  • The bottle must be stored upright in the drawer or shelf.
  • If the nail polish has gone past its expiry date, then it is time to bid goodbye. Nothing can restore the shine and beauty of the expired product.

By following the above tips, you sure can enjoy your favorite polish for many good times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my nail polish more liquid?

It is amazing what hot water can do.

All you need to fix dry and thick nail polish is hot water. Pour hot water into a bowl and soak the nail polish bottle for about three minutes. Then, gently shake the polish in the bottle between your palms.

How can I thin my nail polish without thinner?

Adding some isopropyl alcohol to your nail polish will help thin it out if you cannot use a nail polish thinner for some reason.

Then, add 2 drops of isopropyl alcohol to your nail polish using an eyedropper. Shake vigorously to combine.

How do you fix gloopy nail polish?

The polish on your nails can dry up or become gloopy, but do not worry! Restoring it is easy.

Shake the bottle after adding a couple of drops of nail polish remover. The polish will be back to life in only a few seconds.

Can nail polish remover be used to thin nail polish?

Thinning thick and sticky nail polish with nail polish remover is not recommended.

Even though adding nail polish may seem like a quick fix, it will eventually ruin the polish and break down its formula.

You can use hot water instead of lacquer thinner if you do not have access to lacquer thinner.

Can you put water in nail polish to make it thinner?

Just soak it in hot water. Put the nail polish bottle in a bowl filled with hot water.

Under running water or in very hot water, submerge the bottle. This tip can also be combined with the thinned nail polish tip. You’ll be able to restore your favorite polish in no time.

Can you thin nail polish with non-acetone remover?

Instead of acetone, some removers use methyl or ethyl acetate.

They may work well, but if the remover also contains water, fragrance, and color, the polish will still be ruined.

What is nail polish solvent?

Nail polish is usually dissolved in ethyl acetate.

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