Heavy-Duty Drop Rods For Gates

What is a Drop Rod?

Drop rods are used on swing gates to lock them into position. They can be installed much easier and more quickly than a traditional lock. Another key function of drop rods is that they come in all lengths.

Swing gates are used for entrances and exits to buildings, typically the side of a building, but often a door leading to the street. Drop rods are used to lock swing gates into position.

A lock is used to keep swinging gates from opening too wide.

Best Drop Rods For Gates

The best drop rod is one that fits your gate and needs. Whether it’s for a small or even larger gate, you can find the right fit with our selection of Drop Rods.

There are many different types of drop rods to choose from to get your gates in place. You will want to consider what type of gate you have, how wide it is, how tall it is and if you need a drop rod on both sides. Some people like having a single drop rod while others prefer two. It all depends on what works best for you and your situation.

How Does the Drop Rod Work?

The drop rod is a telescoping device that allows you to open and close a gate quickly by lifting and lowering it. When you need to open your gate simply pull down on the lever and lift the gate upwards. Once you have opened your door simply release the lever and let gravity assist you towards the floor.

To close the gate just raise it back up again and lock it in place. ​​​​​​​​​​​

Setting up your drop rod is quick and simple. It takes less time to get the job done compared to setting up traditional gates. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1 – Choose Your Drop Rod

  • Choose the size of your drop rod based upon the width of your entrance/exit point.
  • Measure both sides of your opening and choose the smallest drop rod.
  • The larger the gap, the longer the rod must be.

Step 2 – Set Up the Mounting Plate

  • Attach the drop rod brackets (or rails) to the wall and fence posts.
  • Be careful not to over tighten and break the bracket.
  • Adjust as needed to ensure a safe, solid mount.

Step 3 – Add Brackets & Fence Posts

  • On the inside of your railing, attach brackets to the wall and fence post.
  • To finish off measure how far you wish to drop your gate; cut brackets accordingly.
  • Drill into the brackets to secure the fence posts.

Step 4 – Secure the Gates

  • Attach the bottom bracket to the first part of the gate.
  • Slide it onto the first bracket.
  • Repeat until all parts of the gate are attached to the brackets.
  • Make sure the drop rod is level or the whole thing will fall off the wall when being raised or lowered.

*If your fence includes a chain-link fence option, skip step 5.*

Step 5 – Complete the Process

  • Pull the rod downward and your gate should automatically lower.
  • Push the top section upward and the gate should rise.
  • You can now open and close your gate easily and conveniently.

Drop Rods Made Specifically for Gates

These are usually available as a single piece of steel with holes drilled into them to allow you to attach either screws or bolts. They come in various sizes depending on whether they are intended for a large or small gate. The smaller ones work well for narrow gates while the larger versions work well for wider gates.

You can also sometimes find these drop rods already attached to a mounting plate which makes installation much faster.

Another great feature of these drop rods is that they are lightweight so they don’t take up too much space when you install them. This means that they do not interfere with other things you might have around your wall or fence.

Drop Rods Used With Locks

Drop Rods Used With Locks

If you don’t have any locking mechanism then you can use this type of drop rod. These are designed specifically for gates without locks and they are made out of aluminum. They are very light weight and easy to set up.

They are also cheaper than the other type of drop rods mentioned above.

Double Drop Rods Used With Locks

Drop Rods For Both Sides

Sometimes people need a drop rod on each side of their gates. If you have heavy duty gates that weigh a lot then you may want to go with a heavier rod especially if you live in an area where there are earthquakes.

This is because the weight of the gate could cause damage to the ground beneath it. So if you decide to go with a double drop rod make sure that you pick up the heaviest one possible.

Some people also like to add a chain link fence between the two drop rods to prevent animals from getting through.


It really comes down to personal preference and which options you prefer. There’s no right answer so try a few out before making a choice.

Keep in mind that there are different types of drop rods available and the best ones may vary slightly depending on the situation.

When picking what type of drop rod to buy consider the amount of weight the gate holds, the height of the doorway, the location of the door and the length of your walkway.

You can look at our product reviews page to find more information about our drop rods.

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