Electricity and water are lethal when combined.

Electric shocks in water cause thousands of deaths every year. Shock Alert is designed to detect electrical voltage gradients in water that could result in Electric Shock Drowning (ESD).

ESD can result in paralysis or death. Energized water poses a risk to any living thing within it. The effects of ESD extend to animals as well.

How does electrical voltage enter water?

Electricity can be introduced to a pool or lake in several ways.

  • Voltage stray in the ground
  • Mis-grounding
  • Irregular lighting installation
  • Underwater lights are in contact with hot and neutral wires

Electricity will typically travel through the body of a swimmer when present in water, resulting in voltage gradients.

The result could be Electric Shock Drowning, possibly resulting in temporary paralysis and inability to swim due to electrocution.

What is Shock Alert?

Shock Alert is a handheld device that can be used to detect electrical voltage gradients in water and alert you if there is an unsafe level present.

It’s easy to use, works with any pool or lake.

How does Shock Alert Work?

In gunite, concrete, and vinyl-lined pools, Shock Alert can detect voltage gradients as low as 20mv/ft.

With Shock Alert, you will receive both visual (red flashing lights) and audible (loud beeping) alarms.

Shock Alert cannot be used in fiberglass pools or hot tubs due to its insulating properties.

Best Shock Alert Review

Electrified shock drowning (ESD) is becoming increasingly common in freshwater lakes as well as pools and hot tubs.

According to a local VFD in Virginia, 70 percent of docks fail because of electrical leakages into the water.

If you want your friends and family to swim around your dock safely, you need to invest in one of these.

Shock Alert – (Electrical Voltage Detector for Pools and Lakes)

To be as safe as possible, you can use this Shock Alert in the spring to test the water around your dock before you go swimming.

You can prevent swimming tragedies by testing the water before going in with a shock alert.

It is important to maintain the unit and make sure the cover is tight when changing batteries.

Shock Alert

Shock alert features

A flashing warning indicator

A red led warning light will flash on the shock alert if the voltage is detected in the water.

Warning audio indicators

When an electrical charge is detected in the water, an audible warning indicator beeps loudly to alert the user.

Expanding warning indicators

You will hear and see the warnings intensifying, as you get closer to the source.

Pool Shock Alarm Review


  • Life Saver
  • An excellent warning indicator


  • Designed poorly
  • Water enters the battery compartment


What is the area covered by shock alert?

In spite of reaching out 2 to 3 feet, I think it should be left afloat on the 10′ rope. This allows it to monitor a larger area. In addition, it can be dragged into place.

How can I test that the device works?

Whenever the device is turned on, it runs a five-second self-test. A blinking LED light follows a beeping sound during self-testing.

By verifying that the internal device software works as intended, Shock Alert validates that it is functioning properly. The green lights will flash once the self-test is complete, indicating that the Shock Alert is fully functional.

Does the unit shut off automatically when out of the water, or just the batteries be removed?

The device has an on/off button. To turn it off, you should not need to remove the batteries.

Can you check for current before you swim with this, or does it stay in the water so you know if there is a problem while swimming?

It can be dragged around the skimming area before entering (like from a pier), then left in the water either anchored or tied to something to monitor the area during swims

Can this device be tested to confirm that it is functioning properly?

When it is on, it will blink green at two-second intervals if it is working

What is the turnaround time for the results?

When you put the device in the water, it flashes green when it is working and red when it detects a problem.

What type of battery does it use?

There are three AA batteries required.

Best Shock Alert for Pools

As a bystander, what should you do if you see someone in an electrocuted pool?

  • Jumping in electrified water is not recommended
  • Shut off the source of electricity
  • Dial 911
  • Use an insulated device to pull the person out of water

Prevention measures include

  • Improve the electrical code compliance of your pool or dock
  • Examine your pool and dock
  • Professionals should handle electrical work
  • Always stay away from docks and marinas
  • Use Shock Alert to test water bodies

As you can see, there are many dangers in the water. Electric Shock drowning is a very real threat that may not seem like much of an issue unless it happens to your loved one.

We hope we provide you with the necessary information to understand what it is and how to avoid it.

A shock alert is an essential safety measure to prevent any tragedy. Check out the Amazon’s Best Selling Pool Safety Alarms here!

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If you have, any other questions about this danger or want more information on how to prevent it from happening, let us know in the comments below!

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