5 Best Pool Cue Tips Replacement Review (Screw/Slip)

5 Best Pool Cue Tips Replacement Review (Screw/Slip)

Pool cues are the most significant piece of equipment in a game of pool. It is important to know how to buy and maintain them well for the best results.

Pool cues are an investment if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced pool player, so proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that the cue stays in good shape. That being said, sometimes they do break or need repair

Pool Cue Tips Buying Guide

Pool cue tips transfer the energy from your pool cue to the cue ball resulting in speed, spin, and accuracy.

It is important to consider density and hardness when choosing a pool cue tip. Cue ball tips can be as soft as a cotton ball or as hard as plastic (phenolic). If you choose a playing cue or a breaking cue, you need to choose the tip hardness accordingly.

Soft tips will absorb more impact, allowing them to stay on the cue ball for a split second longer than harder tips. As a result, the cue ball will spin more, resulting in more “English” spin.

5 Best Pool Cue Tips Replacement Review

If the tip bulges out over the side of the ferrule, the tip tends to become misshaped faster and requires more maintenance to maintain a nice, round shape. These tips require more frequent replacement due to their increased maintenance requirements.

Here are some popular soft tip choices from some popular manufacturers that you might consider if you enjoy working the cue ball on the table and don’t mind regularly shaping and trimming the tip:

Gejoy 20 Pieces Cue Tips 13 mm Pool Billiard Cue Tips

Pool cue tips from the Gejoy brand are arguably the best on the market and an absolute must-have for any serious pool player!

You can use the cue tips to replace the head of a pool cue during a game of billiards

High-density leather makes these Gejoy pool cue tips extremely stable when shooting pool. When you need such action, they are the best at controlling the ball.

These cues have approximately 0.5-inch diameters and 0.2-inch thicknesses, which is a standard size for cues.

You will be provided with a plastic box in which to store these cue tips so they can be easily located.

There is one major problem with the Gejoy hard tips. You can probably distinguish their bright blue color as you fix them and your fingers will be colored.

Gejoy 20 Pieces Cue Tips 13 mm Pool Billiard Cue Tips


  • Better English shots
  • Provides great feel
  • Easy to use


  • Fingers get colored
  • Extremely hard for effect shots

CUESOUL Pool Cue Tip

CUESOUL Pool Cue Tip updates regularly in order to improve according to the suggestions of their customers.

CUESOUL Pool Cue Tip is made of Japanese baked pig leather. It holds billiard chalk well.

All billiard players will find this to be an easy-to-use and maintain the system.

This pool cue can also be used for snooker. Snooker, however, may need a little more sharpening.

If you find the right grip for your billiard stick playing, it will help your billiard level improve a lot. When you find your best grip, you will play better.

Attach the tip to the Ferrell using high-quality super glue. While the tip dries, secure it with a large rubber band or a cue clamp.

You will have a different feeling. For the home bar, the mixed hardness is ideal for the Billiard Club. In order to find the best hardness, this sample pack will be ideal. Billiard players can improve their skill level when they discover the best grip for playing.

You can go with these unless you’re looking for the best and most expensive tip on the market.

CUESOUL Pool Cue Tip


  • Exceptional in its class
  • Bang for the buck
  • Inexpensive tips
  • Layered cue tips


  • Problems getting glue to stick.

Winorda 20 Pieces 12mm Cue Tips Pool Billiard Cues Tips

Winorda pool cue tips come with a package that includes 10 pieces of screw-on tips, 10 pieces of screw-in ferrules.

Easy to replace and install with the screw-in ferrules

The tip and stick ferrules are 12 mm/ 0.47 inches in diameter, the stick ferrules are approximately the same size.

It is portable and measures 2.6 cm/ 1 inch in length

Made of leather with plastic ferrules, making it is durable and durable, which will allow you to control the ball well.

A high-quality replacement tip for the billiard table is easy to install and replace while playing.

Easy to replace and install without glue, it is great for quick repairs during your game. Whether you’re playing billiards or cue ball combat, it’s perfect.

Winorda 20 Pieces 12mm Cue Tips Pool Billiard Cues Tips


  • Comes with multiple cue tips
  • Easy to use


  • Breaks easily

Mizerak Universal Cue Tip Replacement

These leather cue tips for pool tables by Mizerak are universal cue tip replacements.

Threaded brass bodies are easy to assemble, don’t require glue, and are quick and easy to assemble.

The 12mm and 13mm cue tip replacements fit both types of tips.

You will receive 6 cue tips in this package.

No screws are used – they are slip-on.

The product is definitely worth checking out. It was easy to apply the tips and they are working well.

Mizerak Universal Cue Tip Replacement


  • Best replacement
  • Easy to apply and repair
  • Good quality fair price


  • Very loose fit for some

OCR 10Pcs 13mm Soft Grey Cue Tips Billiard Replacement Screw-on Tips

A better choice for billiard enthusiasts, families, and friends to replace their old cue tips. It is easy to replace and install without glue these high-quality replacement tips for billiards.

A 13mm diameter soft billiard cue tip and ferrule.

It has a striking effect to keep and improve the tips of the pool cue sticks.

The cue tips can be easily replaced by screwing them on. By using pool cue tips on billiard handles, they prevent them from splitting.

No glue or clamps are required to install the replacement ferrules.

Ten grey screws and ten white screws are included in this package along with 20 billiard accessories.

OCR 10Pcs 13mm Soft Grey Cue Tips Billiard Replacement Screw-on Tips


  • Fits great
  • Easy to put on
  • Fit cue perfectly


  • Tips don’t screw on straight with cue

FAQs on Pool Cue Tips

1) Can I cut my own tip?

No. Cutting your own pool cue tip can result in a poor quality and an improper fit for your cue stick, which will affect the performance of the stick.

2) What types of materials are used in making pool cue tips?

Pool cues tips come in three materials: Le PRO, phenolic resin (phenol), and composite.

Le Pro – This is the highest grade tip material made to provide players with unmatched speed, spin, and durability. Phenolic Resin- Phenolic resin is an extremely hard material that provides players with a good combination of speed, durability, and control at an economical price. Composite- Composite tips are composed of a hard plastic material that provides good durability and accuracy at an economical cost.

3) Are there different sizes available?

There is not much difference in size between brands, but some pool cues will require a specific size tip while others may be compatible with multiple sizes. It’s important to check with your product’s owner’s manual or ask the manufacturer to see what size tip you need.

4) How do I know if my tip is worn out?

A cue tip begins to show signs of wear once it begins to mushroom over, which can be caused by a variety of factors such as impact from the player hitting the cue ball or simply regular play.

5) How do I replace my tip?

Replacing a pool cue tip is relatively simple. There are two main ways to go about doing so: replace with a new cue tip, or replace the entire ferrule.

In order to replace your cue tip, first remove any adhesive from the old tip using a cue tip shaper tool. This will help ensure that the glue from your new cue tip will adhere properly to the ferrule of your pool cue.

After removing as much as possible, wet the exposed adhesive and apply masking tape until the area is completely dry.

Once the area dries, sand it with a fine-grit sandpaper or emery board to remove the remaining adhesive.

Finally, apply a small amount of epoxy or cement glue where you want your new tip to be applied and press it firmly against the cue’s ferrule.

Allow it to dry for approximately 15 minutes before play. Once finished, make sure you clean any excess from the surface of the tip with a cue tip shaper tool.

Pool Cue Tips Replacement

If you are looking to replace the entire ferrule, begin by removing any adhesive on the joint of your cue stick.

After removing as much as possible, mix an epoxy or cement glue that is designed for pool cues and fill in the ferrule cavity until it is completely full. Insert a new joint pin into the cue stick and allow it to dry completely before using your cue again.

We hope our article helped you to find the best pool cue tips for your pool stick. Do comment and let us know what type of cue tips works best for your speed and accuracy.

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