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5 Best Funko Pop Plastic Protector Box Review

All Funko collectors want to maintain their most valuable figurines. Keeping your most valuable pops in protectors is a must. A pop protector for Funko pop is the best on the market.

Everyone has seen and suffered through dusty Funko Pops; we’ve all been there. The following guide will show you how to protect your pops after they have been cleaned and ensure they remain in pristine condition for many years.

How to Choose the Best Funko Pop Protectors?

  • Begin by determining your budget. A Funko Pop protector should be chosen after considering your budget, as this will influence its quality.
  • If you are planning on buying a large number of Funko Pop Protectors at once, figure out how many you will need. You should also consider the amount of storage room you have and your plans to buy them regularly. This is merely a suggestion, and each person’s individual circumstances determine what amount is appropriate for their situation.
  • Choose the best material based on your needs. When it comes to Funko Pop Protectors, vinyl is usually the best choice since they can be re-used for any kind of Funko Pop.

funko pop protectors

  • It is important that Pop Protectors are free of scratches and clear. A Pop Protector is useless if you cannot see through it!
  • Pop Protectors with a greater thickness will provide more protection.
  • When you buy Pop Protectors from a reliable provider, you are less likely to have a problem than when you buy them from third parties.

5 Best Funko Pop Soft & Hard Case Protectors

Funko Pop Protectors are a great way to keep your Funko Pops in pristine condition. They come in many different shapes and sizes which means that you can find the perfect fit for any type of Funko Pop!

The following are the best Funko Pop Protectors for you to choose from.

EcoTEK Protectors (4″ Inch Vinyl Figures)

  • Includes 100 EcoTEK Pop Protectors in a Crystal Clear Case. Provides structural rigidity and high impact strength for better protection.
  • It has a removable protective film and a solid clear case, making it an excellent acid-free case.

  • In terms of storing Funko Pops, EcoTEK Protectors offer the best value. They prevent dust and moldy fingers from damaging the box.
  • They stack well on top of one another. An extremely thin layer of film is placed over the protector to protect it.
  • With the extra tab on the lid, it is definitely locked in pretty well, to where it takes some effort to unlock it again.
  • You can use this for low- and medium-value pops.

Title Here


  • A good balance between quality and cost
  • A scratch-free protective film


  • Poor packaging

Want to keep your pop collection for years to come? Protect yourself by purchasing these products. It is a cost-effective way of keeping them protected.

Viturio Pop Protector Case (4″ Inch Vinyl Figures) – 20 pack

  • With the Pop protector from Viturio, you can protect them from the elements while keeping their pristine condition.
  • These 20-pack protectors are compatible with Funko Pop 4″ figures and will protect your collection.
  • Transparent Pop collector cases make it possible to see your Funko Pop dolls clearly.

Viturio Pop Protector Case

  • A special coating protects each Pop Protector box from scuffs and scratches while in storage or on display!
  • Pop figures, bobbleheads, action figures, and other items can be stored safely in the 20-pack of display boxes with auto-locking bottoms.
  • To square the case, simply unfold it. After placing your figure inside and sealing the bottom, push the tabs into the slots to close the box.
  • Designed with specialized, high-grade .35 mm thick plastic to withstand dents and scratches, these premium Pop collector cases will keep your Funko Pops in perfect condition for years to come.

Title Here


  • Strong and durable
  • Excellent Protection
  • Perfect fit


  • The top flap curves aren’t flat when the case is installed

TitanShield 0.5mm Pop Protectors Case (4″ Inch Vinyl Figures) – 20 pack

  • TitanShield protectors provide the ultimate protection for POP figurines. This material is recyclable, acid-free, and moisture-proof.
  • The TitanShield Protectors here are thicker than most POP protectors at 0.5MM, which is the highest level of clarity.

TitanShield 0.5mm Pop Protectors

  • They are durable enough to protect your box corners and sides against drops, tumbles, and normal wear and tear.
  • The POPs cost less than one dollar each because we sell them in bulk packages. By purchasing in bulk, we are able to pass our savings on to you, so you can purchase more POPs!
  • Made specifically to fit all 4″ Inch Pops. When you remove the protective outer film, your pop will appear more clear.

Title Here


  • Cost-effective
  • It’s easy to pop it into shape
  • Tough and sturdy


  • Their plastic film is difficult to peel off
  • Stickers leaving residue behind
  • If you force the top flap too hard, it tends to snap

PLAYOLY Funko Pop Protector Case (4″ Inch Vinyl Figures)

  • The Pop protectors from PLAYOLY are made of raw pet plastic that doesn’t contain PVC. When PVC degrades, it can release harmful chemicals.
  • Individually packaged in protective foil, each protector is protected against damage before it reaches you.

PLAYOLY Pop Protector Case for Funko

  • Equipped with thick, clear plastic which keeps away dust and fingerprints.
  • This box is built with push-lock tabs that reinforce its structure, ensuring that Pops remain secure. For easy assembly, the bottom automatically locks.
  • Protectors with exceptional clarity protect against all but the most terrible threats.

Title Here


  • A great case for the money
  • Protector of excellent quality
  • An exceptionally clear protector


  • A lot less durable.
  • This is a thin, flimsy plastic

Gosu Toys 2-Pack Funko Pop Protector Case (5 Pack)

  • Protect your Funko Pops from external wear with this 3.5mm wall case!
  • Protector cases come individually packaged with a protective film which can be pulled off to reveal a crystal-clear presentation!
  • The perfect protection for two-pack Funko Pops!

Gosu Toys Clear Plastic Protector Case

  • You can display and store all your Funko Pop figures in this box!
  • Pop collection boxes are protected from dust and wear with this locking tab! Walls with a thickness of .35mm for superior performance!

Title Here


  • Perfect size
  • Easy to use and well made


  • Kinda flimsy
  • Not very sturdy

Tips for storing Funko Pop Protectors

  • For best results, place your Funko Protectors in a climate-controlled environment. This can be done by keeping them in a cool, dry room between 10 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Another tip is to keep your Funko Protectors away from other items that produce gases or release fumes. The chemicals in these items can leech into vinyl over time and cause discoloration.
  • To prevent damage to the corners of your Funko Protectors, it’s important to avoid stacking any objects on top of them while they’re being stored. This could include items like books or furniture.


  • Instead, store your Funko Protector in a box to avoid being crushed. This will ensure the corners of your Funko Protectors remain intact for as long as possible.
  • A common question! And the answer is “Yes!” You can stack them, just know that they can scratch each other up a bit doing so. So don’t do it with expensive Funko Pops 🙂

Common Faqs on Funko Pop Protectors

Does the Funko Pop Protector protect against water?

No, the Funko Pop Protector is not waterproof.

Is the front of the Funko Pop Protector open?

No, the front of the protector will be covered with vinyl.

How do I protect my Funko Pop?

The POP Protectors we offer are less expensive and really convenient compared to storing your Funko art in cardboard without protection and risking them getting crushed or damaged by other objects in the box like shoes, sneakers, coffee cups, etc.

With our POP Protectors, you have peace of mind knowing that no matter how much you shake or turn

How do I clean my Funko Pop?

  • You can clean your Funko Pop by wiping it down with either a damp cloth or a damp paper towel to remove any dust and dirt that may accumulate.
  • Be sure to only use gentle soap and water if needed, as we do not recommend using cleaning products containing alcohol or other chemical cleaners.
  • It is best to wait until the vinyl has completely dried before displaying the item or inserting it into protective packagings, like a box or sleeve.

How much does a pop protector weigh?

  • POP protectors weigh an ounce.
  • The thickness makes it unlikely for the Pop Protector to add any noticeable weight to your Pop!s package.

The best Funko Pop Protectors are the ones that meet your specific needs. Finding these can be challenging because there are so many different types of protectors to choose from, but with our guide, you should have no problem making a decision!

In conclusion, it is important to consider the Funko Pop Protector as a way of preserving your product and maintaining its value. If not, feel free to reach out for more information on how we can help find the perfect protector for your collection!

The key is knowing what features matter most to you and then finding products that match those specifications. We hope this article has helped answer any questions or concerns about buying Funko Pop Protectors.

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